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Instaforex lot size in usd. InstaForex Банковская карта


Selects the minimum possible Stop Loss for the selected currency pair and the selected timeframe.

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Calculates the risk from the percentage set by us in the settings and our Deposit. Determines the size in points of the Take Profit, based on the fact that the Take Profit should be three times more than the Stop Loss.

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Shows them as lines on the chart. Determines the maximum allowed lot in these conditions from the acceptable risk and the selected Instaforex lot size in usd Loss and our Deposit. Calculates the margin of the maximum lot.

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Determines the value of point 1 lot from the broker. Calculates the cost of 1 item per 1 lot full contract.

Lot Size, Leverage And Margin

Specifies the quotation option forward, reverse, cross-rate. Determines the cost of the spread at the maximum lot.

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Recalculates all parameters based on the selected working lot. In the figures — in rubles.

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Shows the time remaining until the end of the candle. There is a change of the instrument on the chart and reinitialization of the expert Advisor. If the action takes place in non-trading time, the color of the rectangle on the chart will be dark red.

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